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LOC LOC is a GPS tracker device that allows us to monitor through an APP the exact position and last activity of vehicles in real time.


Project available on: Kickstarter

About this Project

Providing people who have one or more vehicles the possibility to constantly monitor the location of their vehicles and their activity is how the LOC LOC project began.

Although there are other tracker devices, none of those available on the international market satisfied the expectations of the project developers.

We as LOC LOC promoters believe that it is possible to develop a powerful tracker that is easy to use, with more functions, and without maintenance fees.

We have been working for several months on the design for a high-performing device with a small size and some interesting functions for drivers all over the world.

How LOC LOC and its APP Work

To begin using LOC LOC, simply download the APP, turn the device on, synchronize them and place the tracker in the interior of one of your vehicles.

From that moment, once LOC LOC APP is synchronized with your device, you will obtain all of the information to be able to know the exact location, speed, and routes taken by the vehicle at any time.
LOC LOC has a minimum range of 7 days thanks to its powerful lithium battery that quickly recharges with a USB cable.
This takes into account intense use 24 hours a day, but with common daily use the battery can last up to 40 days.

The integrated SIM card is included without any maintenance fees. The prepaid balance on the card will allow continuous use for an estimated 24 months.

App example screenshot

SOS button

For emergencies, mechanical failure or dangerous situations, the SOS button allows users of the vehicle to inform through the APP of the situation and their location so they can request the assistance needed.

App example screenshot

Unauthorized activity

An alert is received when the vehicle moves without the owner’s authorization.

App example screenshot


Alert system that allows for defining a perimeter for vehicle use.

App example screenshot


Detail of routes taken, distance and times.

App example screenshot


Display of average speed if the vehicle is in motion and alert system if the established limits are exceeded.

App example screenshot


Information in real time of vehicle position on a map.

APP for Tablets and Smartphone

APP for free download available in English.
Compatible with all of your mobile devices.

Who is LOC LOC for?

LOC LOC is a tracker device for families and individuals with one or more vehicles of any type.

But its features and performance also allow for professional use. LOC LOC is suitable for managing and monitoring small fleets and commercial vehicles.

Here we will show some examples of how LOC LOC can be used so you can discover all of its possibilities.

Feature explaination graph

“It helps me remember
where I parked”

Feature explaination graph

“If anyone moves my
motorcycle without my
permission, I want to
know immediately”

Feature explaination graph

“It helps me remember
the routes I take on my

Feature explaination graph

“When I lend my car to
my neighbor, it alerts me
if she exceeds the speed limit”

Feature explaination graph

“Thanks to Geofence,
I get alerts when my
daughter departs from
her usual route”

Feature explaination graph

“It helps me always keep
track of my classic car”

Technical data sheet

  • Dimensions: 98.5mm x 67mm x 16.5mm
  • Battery: 3200mah / 3.7V rechargeable
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Micro USB cable
  • Memory: 4MB
  • Gemalto full band 3G module / SIMCom full band 2G module
  • MTK MT3339 GPS chipset
  • Telit HE910-GL GSM frequency band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
  • Internal acceleration sensor (BMA250)
  • Internal antenna (25mm * 25mm)
  • 2 led light indicators showing power / GSM / GPS status
  • 2 buttons/switches: on-off and SOS button
  • 250MB SIM card incorporated

Advantages & Characteristics

Rechargeable 3.200mAh / 3.7V lithium battery. Accelerometer. GSM band for 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Micro USB. SIM card with 250MB included. 4MB Memory

Our team

Oscar Fernández portrait
Oscar Fernández

CEO & Founder

Eduardo Huertes portrait
Eduardo Huertes

Product Manager

Cristian Mozo portrait
Cristian Mozo


Gonzalo Sacho portrait
Gonzalo Sacho


Alejandro Yelo portrait
Alejandro Yelo


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Héctor Vela


Frequently Asked Questions

It can be used in any kind of vehicle in which the LOC LOC device can be safely stored (measures 98.5mm X 67mm X 16.5mm): cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, helicopters and even submarines. Just make sure you have data connection ;)